Episode 101: Ship to Shore, Malaysia Review and a Big Ol' Conference Call

* Silly Season Redux Redux
* Why Ship-To-Shore Shouldn't Happen by David Emmett
* Malaysia Wrapup, Such As It Is * Three Way Conference Call with Jules and Liam

Following up our 100th episode with (oddly enough) Episode #101, we have some interesting news tidbits, a sorta funny website, a great article about rider communication courtesy of David Emmett, a somewhat uninteresting review of a somewhat uninteresting race in Malaysia and we wrap things up with a great call between Jules Cisek, Liam Shubert and myself. Download the show, I think you'll enjoy it!

Links this episode:
David Emmett's Kropotkin Thinks... blog at http://www.motogpmatters.com
RideOnTwo blog and forum at http://www.rideontwo.com
Liam Shubert's blog and website at http://www.motoliam.com