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PSSR Track Day at PIR, 30 May 2006

Here are a few photos of my track day at Portland International Raceway (PIR) on May 30, 2005. The trackday was organized by Pacific Supersport Riders (PSSR). First 17 photos (minus the PIR sign) courtesy of

This was my second track day ever, but I really built my confidence through the day. Darren Carpenter (OMRRA #11) is a PSSR instructor, and with his help I think I improved quite a bit. Click the thumbnail images for a closer view.

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IR6X9303 IR6X9304 IR6X9305
IR6X9306 IR6X9426 IR6X9427
IR6X9466 IR6X0487 IR6X0519
IR6X0562 IR6X0592 IR6X0623
IR6X0624 IR6X0625 IR6X0626

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