Episode 486: Spicy Start

Just like racing, Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal are back for this week’s show. There isn’t too much in terms of news, but who cares when there are motorcycles back racing? Phillip Island once again got the WorldSBK season off to an exciting start with three great races. The question still remains over the two day format with fan opinion as divided as the racing! Jonathan Rea is back to his best despite the bike only being at 85%. Most importantly, the MCN Fantasy League is underway as well so be sure to join up before it’s too late. Unless you have more points than the hosts….

Be sure to join the MCN Fantasy League!

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Episode 485: Almost Free

It’s finally almost here, WSBK have done all their testing and the first World Championship round of the year is just days away. Phillip Island was under heavy use as both MotoGP and WSBK performed tests there with one or two surprising results, and a couple of crashes. It’s not just the big bikes that have been out as Moto2 have also gotten their testing season underway in a number of private tests. All that and the usual news and gossip on the show.

Be sure to join the MCN Fantasy League!

League Name: MotoPod

Password: MotoPod

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSh3Jw_cRrE - Hillier talks about his TT Supersport bike

https://twitter.com/Motor_Lu/status/700740534642454528/photo/1 - Colour coded lap times

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Episode 484: Ready For Action

Stu Avant 00:25:57

Nick Lenatsch 00:58:16

Graemee Crosby 01:33:37

Gary Kerr 02:03:14

Harry Lloyd sits down to talk about the Sepang test and some news odds and ends. Jorge Lorenzo looks to be the many to beat again in 2015 but it’s early days and Phillip Island should give us a better idea of who is where. A certain Australian may have impressed in Sepang, but he won’t be back on track at his home circuit. There may only be one regular host this week, but the final few Phil Hall interviews from the PI Classic are some of the best. Not long now…


Password: MotoPod

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Episode 483: More Or Less Than Meets The Eye?

Harris Brothers 00:51:20

Connor Cummins 01:26:18

Pat Mooney 01:38:18

Martin Darlington chats to new WSBK commentator Steve English about WSBK and MotoGP testing, both of which are now fully underway as the racing season is just WEEKS away. Surprises continued in Sepang as Jorge Lorenzo made his intentions clear, blitzing the field. It’s not just testing talk as we bring you part two of three of Phil Hall’s PI Classic interviews. There’s plenty to talk about in the coming weeks so buckle in and get ready for some wild predictions.

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Episode 482: Circles, Fast Ones

Wayne Gardner 00:21:33

John Boote 01:09:42

Lewis McEwen and Craig Hemsworth 01:24:05

Jed Metcher 01:39:07

Motorcycles are back to going around in circles as quickly as they as the world returns to its natural state: with the sound of 1000cc engines filling the air. Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal are back once again to talk news, gossip and intrigue as several teams shift between the MotoGP and WSBK paddock as the start of 2016 draws ever closer. WSBK completed a test at Jerez so we finally have some times to compare, but as Jim always says ‘it’s just testing’. There has also been some racing on down in Australia as Phil Hall brings us the first of his beloved Phillip Island Classic interviews, more to come in the following weeks. Now it’s all eyes on Sepang…

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Episode 481: Little Week, Big News

With the first Sepang Test just a week away, riders and teams are frantically packing, training and revealing new liveries in preparation. Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal are back once again to talk about how bikes have or haven’t changed from 2015 and how headlights impact deign. With racing still over a month away there’s already some big news happening as injuries are already happening and one racing’s best known names takes a year off…

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Episode 480: C-C-C-Changes Dave Neal and Harry Lloyd bring MotoPod into 2016 with a smattering of news from a quiet off season. Luckily it’s not all MotoGP fashion updates as we also go over the 2016 rules which should make everything a lot easier to understand. The days of CRTs versus aliens and Open bikes are gone as MotoGP looks to continue to build on a strong 2015.

Episode 479: Up Close and Dirty

Harry Lloyd and Len Padilla have just about managed to get themselves cleaned up after a lovely little outing to the Superprestigio in Barcelona. There was racing, crashing, screaming teenage girls and anything else you could want in a race weekend. It might be pitched as a bit of fun at the end of the year but when the visor drops all of them are pushing to the limit. Even with a line of people waiting for Marquez there’s something very down to earth and real about flat tracking.

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Episode 478: Little Clicks and Big Clicks</p>

Josh Hayes and Taylor Knapp 00:18:41

Mat Mladin 00:28:11

Jim Race and Harry Lloyd quickly link up to run over the testing times from Jerez. Ducati are looking strong yet again but could Honda still be struggling? Everything is getting wrapped up for the winter as the two month testing ban has officially begun, fear not there will of course be MotoPod throughout to keep your ears filled with bike chat. There’s still the Superprestigio in Barcelona to go as a final bike racing send off for 2015.

Episode 477: Going Local

Anthony West 01:13:05
Stevie Bonsey 01:24:17
Roger Lee Hayden 01:29:16
Toni Elias 01:31:27

Harry Lloyd and Scott Bolton relive some of the world's domestic series from 2016 including MotoAmerica, Japanese SBK and CEV in Spain. Most series had a new Yamaha R1 running away at the front, but there are still a few news in the smaller capacity classes to keep an eye on in the coming years. As well as a quick run down of the 'local' racing, Jim Race headed out to Vegas for the Superprestigio of the Americas and to talking with one or two ex-MotoGP riders. There might not be any racing on this weekend, but hopefully you'll be tempted to go back and catch up on some old ones as we settle into the off season.

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