Episode 355: Wins and Losses


00:06:54 Josh Hayes & Melissa Paris
01:08:27 James Whitham

Jules Cisek and Jim Race have a quick chat, simply to frame a couple of great interviews with AMA racers post-Daytona and an around-the-world excursion with James Whitham. It's an interview show. The season is coming, faster than a freight train. Join us!

Melissa Paris's underwear :) :

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Episode 353: Heroes and Legends


0:48:42 Ron Haslam part 2
1:04:20 Kevin Magee
1:24:52 Kevin Curtin
1:36:56 Josh Hook
1:52:43 Robby Phillis
2:17:15 Carlos Checa
2:22:04 Eugene Laverty
2:26:01 Luca Scassa
2:44:14 Ronald Ten Kate

Martin Darlington and Jules Cisek discuss the Sepang test and other bits of news as we bookend another incredible set of Phil Hall interviews from WSBK at Philip Island.

phil hall's blog:

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Episode 352: When the Lights Finally Go Out


0:15:46 Fabien Foret
0:29:21 Tom Sykes
0:39:01 Sam Lowes
0:55:00 Leon Haslam
1:09:04 Jules Cluzel
1:24:48 Kenan Sofuoglu
1:37:20 Chaz Davies
1:39:07 Max Biaggi
1:41:51 Leon Camier
1:55:26 Ron Haslam - Part One

Jules Cisek and Jim Race usher in the first race of the year, but the real star of this show is Phil Hall with a fantastic series of excellent interviews from the WSBK races at Phillip Island. Get comfy. This is going to take a while. And even more next week!
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Episode 351: And, we have Liftoff


0:36:03 Temples of Speed with Steve Brooks - Italy and Monza

Jim Race and Martin Darlington are watching the countdown to the first race of the year with WSBK this coming weekend at Philip Island. A run-through of both official and un-official testing from the Isle, as well as Moto2 & Moto3 testing from The Europe. We are SO ready for the season to get underway.


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Episode 350: The Fleeting Off-Season


00:35:50 Michael Himmeslbach
00:55:45 Lawrence Dinmore
01:13:32 Malcolm Campbell
01:30:24 Cameron Donald

Martin Darlington and Jim Race gather together and analyze the Sepang One MotoGP test results, Phil Hall delights us once again from the Island Classics at PI with some smashing interviews. Finally, a rundown of the WSBK/WSS paddock as we close in on real racing in a few weeks. Oh, and join the MotoPod Listeners League! (pin 7247)

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Episode 349: Things we Hear in the Distance


0:44:08 Dave Crussel
1:02:52 Steve Brogan
1:19:39 Gary Fisher
1:36:33 Shaun Giles
1:55:53 Ralph Hudson
2:12:12 Giacomo Agostini

Jim Race and Martin Darlington bring the seasons that much closer with a round-up of the MotoGP paddock, teams across all three classes and some way-too-early speculation. Planted firmly in the middle of that are Phil Hall's excellent interviews from the just completed Island Classic races at Phillip Island. A truly international effort this week with Martin in the UK, Jim in the US, Jules traveling in Asia, and Phil joining us from the down under!


Episode 348: The Pod is Back!


00:10:33 Tony Foale
01:23:26 Steve Brookes' Temples of Speed 2

Jules Cisek goes solo to bring you the first episode of the year. A quickie with some info on the "Black Gold" new surface at Philip Island via listener Lee Allen. Then a great interview Jim Race did with Tony Foale and of course another episode of Temples of Speed from Steve Brookes!

Links this episode
* Tony Foale's website:
* Lee Allen's Oilee Racing:
* with photos:


Episode 347: Ends


00:18:38 James Whitham
01:21:01 Simon Pavey
02:05:35 Temples of Speed I (Salzburgring) by Steve Brookes
02:24:35 Josh Hayes

Martin Darlington, Jim Race, and Jules Cisek wrap up the year with another monster show. We go through more excellent listener feedback, talk about the Circuit of Wales. But the best bits are a fantastic WSBK season end review with James Whitham, interview with Simon Pavey who's off to his 9th Dakaar (with his son Llewelyn), and of course Josh Hayes answering your questions. Plus episode 1 of Temples of Speed (Salzburgring) from Steve Brookes. Bits of news, a stack attack, and boom, off we go. We shall return in January of 2013 so until then, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and ciao, lates, and ta-ta.

Links this episode:
Circuit of Wales:
Simon Pavey site with Making Dakar video:
Martin's book:
G+ Roadracing community:
RoadRacing World:
MotoPod on facebook:

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Episode 346: Roll it up


00:25:54 PJ Jacobsen
00:34:56 Kenny Noyes
00:52:45 Mark Miller
02:39:32 "Temples of Speed" by Steve Brookes

Jules Cisek and Jim Race go through listener feedback, shoutouts, and bits of news. Interviews with PJ Jacobsen (Tyco Suzuki BSB), Kenny Noyes (Suter-Ariane CEV), and … lets face it, we can't call it an interview - Jim and Mark Miller on the good and bad of Macau and much more. Plus MotoGP and WSBK news (testing, rider lineup) and we talk about the Circuit of The Americas which hosted F1 this month.

Macau links:
. final standings:
. highlights: (in cantonese)
. full race onboard with Horst Saiger (6th)


Episode 345: Seven Six Five


01:18:12 Brett McCormick

Martin Darlington and Jules Cisek answer listener feedback and then go through the wild and crazy racing from Valencia as the season comes to a close. We talk a bit about the washed out testing. Meanwhile after 6 months of back and forth TXTs, Jim Race finally nabs Brett McCormick again ;)

Final overall standings in the MCN fantasy league:


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