Episode 328: The Italian Job


00:50:29 Mike Webb
01:23:30 Ben Spies
01:35:39 Brad Binder
01:45:54 Danny Webb
02:07:52 Scott Redding
02:11:08 Andrea Oleari
02:51:00 Luccio Cecchinello
02:59:59 Toby Moody

Martin Darlington is with Jules Cisek this week as Jules returns from Mugello. Massive show for you folks after an epic weekend of racing. Interviews with race director Mike Webb, Ben Spies, Moto3 pilots Brad Binder and Danny Webb, Moto2 pilot Scott Redding, Scott's data technician and friend of the show Andrea Oleari, LCR Honda's Luccio Cecchinello, and top bloke, journo, and commentator Toby Moody. We also talk about the races, the rumours, news, and listener feedback and we even managed to get trolled a bit ;)

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Dovizioso to WSBK??
Jules' article about Bradl in Asphalt and Rubber:
Jules' photos from Mugello:


Episode 327: Attack of the Marshals


As Jules Cisek winds his way to Mugello, Jim Race and Martin Darlington set to forensically examine the frenzy that was Sachsenring. Some manic weather, incredible racing and a hotting up silly season make for a bevy of things to talk about. Listener email and more. Join us!

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SuperbikePlanet editorial on Rossi, Nicky and the Ducati
the boot:
the wheel:


Episode 326: Bonehead Maneuvers


01:19:35 James Whitham

Jules Cisek and Jim Race discuss the incredible weekend of racing from GPs in Assen and World Supers in Aragon during which many championships took a major turn due to iffy moves. Lots of listener feedback plus a great call Martin Darlington did with James Whitham!

Rossi's rear tire during race: (photo credit: milagro)
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Episode 325: A Controversial Rule Talk


01:03:01 Mark Miller

Jim Race and Jules Cisek delve deeply into some excellent listener feedback on the topic of the next american MotoGP star and, once again, CRTs. Then show darling Mark Miller talks to Jim about the TT and Silverstone and other tomfoolery.

* HBO Real Sports IOMTT teaser:


Episode 324: The Sun Shines on Silverstone


00:45:15 Lucio Cecchinello
01:08:20 Hervé Poncharal
01:30:35 Colin Edwards
01:37:14 Dr. Martin Raines
02:37:55 Andrea Dovizioso
02:45:05 Stefan Bradl

Jules Cisek sits in for the Martin Darlington Express straight in from Silverstone where we had 3 fantastic races and plenty to talk about. Fantastic interviews with Lucio Cecchinello of LCR Honda, Hervé Poncharal of Tech 3 Yamaha, Colin Edwards, the official MotoGP™ statistician Dr. Martin Raines, Andrea Dovizioso, and Stefan Bradl. Plus for bonus points, Ben Challenger with Iwan Thomas and whirlybird pilot Captain Johnny Cutler.

Oh and listener feedback and check out these links:
* LCR online magazine:
* Chris Reese's fan film from the IOM:
* Charlie Hiscott's vimeo channel:


Episode 323: Little Mouse Climbing Mountain


Jim Race joins Jules Cisek to go through some listener email, touch on the Lorenzo signing, the meaning behind Ezpeleta's "Rookie rule is flexible" statement, and then get down and dirty with the fantastic racing from Misano Circuit Marco Simoncelli and a rundown of the Isle of Man TT fortnight.

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WSBK 1993 Mexico City fiasco:
MotoMatters interview with Lucio Cecchinello:


Episode 322: T'estimem Catalunya


Martin Darlington and Jules Cisek answer listener emails and then dive into the incredibly exciting action from the Catalunya MotoGP round. Plus a wee bit about the testing that followed and a TT teaser.

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Episode 321: Missed opportunities


01:07:25 Jason DiSalvo/Martin Cardenas

Jim Race and Jules Cisek return from Utah and Miller Motorsports Park and the WSBK/AMA races there. Intriguing races have lead to unusual results with the, by far, winningest rider now just 5th in the WC! But first we go through tons of listener email (and not all of it about Casey Stoner) and Jim had a couple chats at the track as well.

From the show via D.Edmiston:
"In case you're curious about the whole bore/stroke/piston speed calculations.
stroke = displacement / (pi/4 x bore^2 x number of cylinders)
rpm = piston speed in fpm x 6 / stroke in inches
Normal materials somewhat dictate a mean piston speed of 25.4 m/s max (5000fpm), but pushing 26.5m/s isn't too crazy to think they [ducati] can get away with from R&D and still last the 1200km or so the engines need to."

Jules' photos from WSBK @ MMP:


Episode 320: La Marseillaise


01:10:41 Mark Miller

Jules Cisek and Martin Darlington cover the entertaining (for many reasons) MotoGP weekend in Le Mans but not before some listener feedback and a lot of conjecture around the retirement announcement of Casey Stoner (and no, dammit, we are not bashing the guy!). Some sobering news as well with the death of Mark Buckley at the NW200 with perspective from Mark Miller who talked with Jim Race about that and more.

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Suzuki motogp spy shots:
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Episode 319: Donington Delivers Double Dose of Drama!


00:46:29 James Whitham
01:02:44 Leon Haslam

Jim Race and Jules Cisek discuss the dramatic WSBK races at Donington (wow) and this includes interviews with James Whitham and Leon Haslam. We also answer some excellent listener email, including one audio one! A bit on MotoGP LeMans and a spliced in segment on our first reaction to Casey Stoner's retirement announcement.

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* Jules' WSBK photos from miller in 2011:
* NW200 w/live streaming video and lots of daily reports:
* Manx Radio TT w/live TT audio from the Isle of Man:
* Casey Stoner retirement announcement ( subscription needed):


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