Episode 402: All Stations Are Go


Mark Woodage 00:13:23
Josh Brookes 00:32:32
Shaun Muir 00:56:15

Dave Neal briefly joins Harry Lloyd and Jim Race to talk about the opening round of the BSB Championship at Brands Hatch. There’s also news to catch up on before a weekend so full of racing Harry might cry! Interviews with Josh Brookes, Shaun Muir and Mark ‘Brains’ Woodage, all looking ahead at what are some very long seasons. Enjoy!

BSB Crashes:

Cost of Racing:

Road Racing Commentary:

Josh Brookes Tribute Lid:

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Episode 401: A Country Mile


In a post Episode 400(a&b) world, Dave Neal and Harry Lloyd bring you up to date with WSBK and MotoGP, those who won by a country mile and those who lost by one. There's a very exciting MotoPod announcement and two hours of race chat, pondering the highs of Marquez and the lows of Lorenzo.

Oxley on Marquez:

Bridgestone Tyre:

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Episode 400b: Chaos is still Good


Neil Hodgson 00:00:28
Sam Lowes 00:26:34

The European division of MotoPod talk BSB testing and helicopters. Fan favourite Neil Hodgson gives us his debrief on Qatar and Sam Lowes has a quick catch up with Dave Neal. Len Padilla embarrasses with Dave and Harry with his smooth Spanish and they all talk TV rights. It's been a great 400 episodes and here's to many more!

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Episode 400a: Chaos is Good


Freddie Spencer 00:20:07
James Toseland 01:48:33
Rob McElnea 02:28:03

Part one of MotoPod's two part Episode 400 extravaganza! Jim Race pulls Jules Cisek out of his hibernation to catch up and talk news. Then an hour and a half with motorcycle legend Freddie Spencer. James Toseland talks about his first weekend with BT Sport and his new career as a singer. Dave Neal also chats with 500cc rider and TT winner Rob McElnea, they'll be catching up again to finish the interview!

Episode 399: New Contenders and Old Champs


Keith Huewen 01:31:05

Much like the MotoGP season, Martin Darlington makes a triumphant return! He catches up with Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal to talk Qatar and round one of the MotoGP championship. BT Sports Commentator Keith Huewen also catches up with Dave to talk racing. It's good to be back!

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Episode 398: Spirit of the Rules


Simon Andrews 00:54:36
Keith Farmer 01:21:45
Peter Hickman 01:52:08

Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal attempt to wrap their heads around the 'Factory 2' rules while bringing you updates from the BSB, Moto2 and Moto3 tests. Dave has three excellent interviews with Simon Andrews, Keith Farmer and Peter Hickman. Make sure you stick around right till the end as always! Roll on Qatar!

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Episode 397: Island Insight


Sheridan Morias 00:15:24
PJ Jacobsen 00:26:16
Jules Cluzel 00:38:54
Jonathan Rea 00:45:24
Sophie Lovett 00:52:57
Eugene Laverty 01:10:34
Fabien Foret 01:28:33
Sylvain Guintoli 01:39:32
Mat Mladin 02:08:22
Dennis Noyes 02:39:29

Jim Race and Harry Lloyd put a wrapper around another show full of interviews. Superbike Racers from Australia to America chat to the ever wonderful Phil Hall and even Jim Race! We've had a teaser of racing, hopefully this helps hold off the hunger pains till Qatar!

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Episode 396: Back To Testing


James Whitham 00:30:26
Aaron Yates 01:17:01
Danielle and Mitch Levy 01:35:36
Kenan Sofoglu 01:48:01
Matteo Giusti 02:08:04
Michel van der Mark 02:30:28
Tom Sykes 02:43:27
Toni Elias 03:00:15

Jim Race and Dave Neal chat about the mysteries and excitement from Sepang 2 and have a lengthy chat with James Whitham about the opening WSBK round. We also had the wonderful Phil Hall down at the Island. He got so many interviews we couldn't put them all in one show! Listen in and enjoy the brief tease of racing before it's back to a month of waiting…

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Episode 395:


Julian Ryder 00:46:14

Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal bring you up to date with the latest news from every corner of the paddock. An extensive testing catchup is accompanied by a huge list of pre-season injuries. Jim even manages to have a chat with BT Sport's commentator Julian Ryder!

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Episode 394: Island Interviews


Christina Divigard 00:01:35
Dave Johnson 00:20:30
Dave Roper 00:39:50
John McGuinness 00:57:33
Kerry Smith 01:29:27
Kurt Lentz 01:45:34
Levi Day 02:03:59
Mike Edwards 02:20:19
Ottis Lance and Deano Swims 02:37:12
Rex Wolfenden 03:13:55
Scott Clough 03:31:41
Trevor Birrell 03:46:44
Simon Crafar 04:09:25

Harry Lloyd brings you a show so full of interviews there wasn't enough space for another host! We get the final shipment of interviews from Phil Hall and Dave Neal remembers to hit record with Simon Crafar!

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