Episode 422: Helping Hands


Harry Lloyd has gotten a friend back as Dave Neal rejoins him to talk about a, sort of, sunny Misano weekend. Silly season is almost over so we have our second last big update on who will be where. In true MotoPod style the biggest story broke just MINUTES after recording, luckily it wasn't a big surprise. Join Harry and Dave as they talk about how a helping hand can be exactly what you need.

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Episode 421: Dutch Quickie


G'day mates! It's Harry Lloyd flying solo this week, like a kookaburra in a gum tree. We've got a short, but bonza show this week with WSBK and BSB action. There's also a touch of news on the eve of Misano, but expect even more news to break as soon as you've listened. It's getting a bit hectic in the racing world, so take 30 minutes off and brush up on your Australian with Harry.

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Episode 420: Bouncing back


Aaron League 01:01:04

Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal join together to talk all things Silverstone, what a weekend it was. Several riders recovered from uncharacteristic showings at Brno and all three races were excellent and close as you'd like. Hopefully the racing will be as close at Donington. Aside from GP going back to Donny, there's bucket loads of other news to catch up on.

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Episode 419: Forever The Isle


James Whitham 00:29:44
Chris Kinley 00:36:12

Jim Race briefly joins Dave Neal and Harry Lloyd for a brief check in. Harry and Dave then dive head first into news, could a mythical satellite Honda change teams next year? Marquez recovers from his difficult race at Brno to prove that he is more cat than man and Dave catches us up on what was a very wet weekend in BSB. More talk of the Classic TT and Manx next week with results and all.

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Episode 418: Always Next Year


Gary Johnson 00:37:48
Brad Baker 00:54:07

Harry Lloyd continues his run on MotoPod as he and Dave Neal bring you an update on where riders will and won't be next year, and in the next races. We have the last of our interviews from Indianapolis as well as an interview from Jim Race. There's of course a post Brno race discussion after an excellent Moto3 race and Moto2 and MotoGP races that continued to add to the story of the 2014 season with one or two moments of excitement. We'll catch up on the post Brno test next week and be sure to listen right to the end of the show…

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Episode 417: Clash of the Titans


Jack Miller 00:26:39
Josh Herrin 00:38:56
Mark Woodage 00:49:53
Tom Houseworth 01:20:29

MotoPod has a very Middle Eastern flavor this weekend as Martin Darlington makes a return to the show from Qatar and is joined by Harry Lloyd who is still over in Oman. There's interviews a plenty from Indianapolis as well as a catch up on the post Indy/pre-Brno news. The Moto3 was as thrilling as ever, matched only by the opening handful of laps in the MotoGP race. The new layout seems to have worked wonders for IMS. Brno be kind...

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Episode 416: Cal-lusion


Dave Neal and Harry Lloyd join together once again to update everyone on how the MotoGP Silly Season dance is going. There's a bit of drama with some riders swapping their dance partners at the last minute, is Hollie Honda a better choice than Debbie Ducati? Riders of the future continues to be a big topic of discussion thanks to some excellent listener feedback. We're also able to catch up on the BSB racing at Thruxton and look ahead to the return of MotoGP at Indianapolis.

Jason O'Halloran Drift Champion 2014:

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Episode 415: The Young and The Quick


Josh Hayes 00:51:07
Jay Springsteen 01:15:51

Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal discuss the growing emphasis on being young in MotoGP as more MotoGP teams are looking at Moto3 for their next riders. Is there a too young? The saga of WSBK's struggle continues as an excellent listener email prompts talks of Japanese school kids, snakes eating their own tails, cousins, brothers, sisters and aunties and how that all relates to WSBK. Jim Race also has two stellar interviews to bring a bit of US, and flat track, spice to the mix. The Summer break is almost over, so expect some big news around Indy.

Mat Oxley on Ducati:
Nicky Hayden Update:

Episode 414: Japanese Vacation


Temples of Speed 00:54:13

Jim Race returns to MotoPod to talk about about Laguna Seca WSBK. Silly Season is starting to fall into place, especially as Ducati have revealed who their riders will be. It's not only Jim returning to the podcast, but also Temples of Speed. There's the Suzukua 8 hour to look forward to this weekend. Wiggsyan, as always, has done a stellar job providing all the information you need to watch and enjoy the event.

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Episode 413: Of Punch Ups, Crashes And Transfers


Eugene Laverty 00:51:22
Kyle Wyman 00:55:19
Chris Pike 01:00:05
Neil Hodgson 01:01:15

It's an episode full of MotoPod firsts, with a unique call in guest on one of the interviews and some big silly season breaking news mid show. Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal are once again with you to talk about MotoGP and World Superbike. Silly Season is well and truly underway in the former and it looks like we're going to see one or two big shake ups. Jim Race has a couple of interview from WSBK at Laguna Seca. The Dutch punch up is of course discussed as it continues to be one of the biggest, and funniest, stories of the year.

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