Episode 311: GP Zero Heroes


00:05:22 Graeme Crosby
00:23:03 Scott Redding
00:35:06 David Emmett (aka Kropotkin)
01:31:47 Kenny Noyes

With the regular crew busy with real life Jim Race drafts in a remote Phil Hall to guide us through a myriad of interviews, with nary a stop in-between. Sit back, pop a cold one and enjoy the penultimate pre-season show!




Episode 310: And… it's In The Rough


00:06:06 Ben Challenger (GB Olympiad and mad bike fan)
01:02:00 Brett McCormick (Effenbert Liberty WSBK)

Martin Darlington and Jim Race wander through yet another show. Through pouring rain in NorCal and the UK, we manage to come up with yet another great show, full of good interviews. "The season" is nearly upon us. Sit up, take notice and buckle in. It could be a bumpy ride.

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Episode 309: Previously on MotoPod…


0:22:08 Roger Gunn
0:27:49 Troy Corser
0:46:47 Sheridan Morias
0:57:54 Broc Parkes
1:10:48 Lukas Pesek
1:13:46 Mark Aitchison
1:19:09 Carlo Fioroni

Jim Race and Martin Darlington discuss tires, testing, Marquez, and the return of John Laverty. Plus seven more interviews from WSBK at PI with Phil Hall! Enjoy!


Episode 308: The Thunda Down Unda


0:15:00 Damo Cudlin
0:41:36 Colin Edwards
1:01:21 Leon Haslam
1:18:10 Ronald Ten Kate
1:31:47 Carlos Checa
1:49:44 Eugene Laverty
1:59:58 Georgio Barbieri
2:11:07 Tom Sykes
2:20:42 Jonathan Rea

Jules Cisek and Jim Race ride loose herd over a phalanx of interviews from our remote correspondent, Phil Hall at the Phillip Island opener for World Superbike. Before that though, Jim has a couple of chats, first Damo Cudlin of the QMMF Moto2 squad and then with CEII fresh off the track at the Sepang 2 MotoGP test.

* Phil Hall's website:
* Casey Stoner on twitter:!/official_cs27
* Bott stemless frame:
* MotoPod on Facebook:


Episode 307: And so ends our Winter of Discontent


0:16:46 Liam Shubert (Custom bike builder and former Pramac Ducati dude)
1:11:48 Brett McCormick (Effenbert Liberty Ducati SSTK1000 rider and 2011 CSBK Champion)
2:01:00 Simon Pavey (Six time Dakar Rally racer and astute trainer)

Jim Race and Martin Darlington are abuzz, leading up to the first race of the year with WSBK at PI on tap! Before that though, we've got a chat with Jules Cisek and Liam, who you all have been demanding return. Also Brett McCormick joins us with some very cool stuff from down under, as well as a returning Simon Pavey with Martin. Make sure you get into Fantasy league quick. This is our warm up lap before the lights go out!

* (Simon Pavey's off-road skills school)
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Episode 306: Mail Bag


Jules Cisek and Jim Race respond to a grab bag of listener emails and then discuss the Moto2, Moto3, and WSBK testing as we prepare to go into the last week before the racing season gets under way!

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* Luvio Suppo @ SOUP:
* Nikon D800 short film featuring Mark Miller:
* Making of above:


Episode 305: From This Day, Forward


00:13:40 Jeremy McWilliams (former MotoGP, WSBK, BSB and AMA rider)
00:53:45 Chris Pike (Chief Technician for Jonathan Rea at Ten Kate WSBK)

Martin Darlington and Jim Race sift through a quiet week of news with the Valencia Moto2 & Moto3 tests just underway. In addition we've got two more great interviews with Jeremy McWilliams and Chris Pike. Finally, join us once again this year as the MotoPod Listeners League is on with the MCN Fantasy League series!

* ( MotoPod Listeners League - pin: 48)


Episode 304: Mad Ed Down Under


* Scott Redding
* Edwin Haazer
* interviews from the PI Classics weekend

Jim Race and Martin Darlington wander over the first test results departing the winter break for MotoGP from both Valencia and Sepang, and weave together some great interviews with Scott Redding plus bonus interviews done by Phil Hall with Ryan Farquhar, Jeremy McWilliams, Josh Brookes, Steve Martin, and others from the land down under. Jules Cisek also gets Ed Haazer's goggle-eyed impression from his trip to the isle where penguins go to chill. Join us, will you?


Episode 303: Simon says, Hayes heys, Wheeler waxes


* 00:11:25 Simon Crafar
* 01:28:15 Josh Hayes
* 02:21:40 Andrew Wheeler

Jim Race and Jules Cisek draw our GoPro HD2 winner and put in the glue between 3 fantastic interviews with former GP/WSBK rider Simon Crafar, AMA superbike champion Josh Hayes, and MotoGP photographer Andrew Wheeler.

* Simon Crafar's Motovudu site:
* Andrew Wheeler's Simoncelli book:


Episode 302: Don't mess with Texas


* In depth interview with Colin Edwards
* Behind the scenes with Spiel Nalding

Jim Race and Martin Darlington walk through the MotoGP,  Moto2 and Moto3 entry lists, enjoy a behind the scenes bit, and round out the show with a killer long call with the Texas Tornado, Colin Edwards. There is nothing that is too sacred to talk about, so we go in balls deep.

Note: You still have until January 23'rd to get in your GoPro Hero HD2 camera giveaway answers, so send them in to today!
* GoPro HD2:


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