Episode 396: Back To Testing


James Whitham 00:30:26
Aaron Yates 01:17:01
Danielle and Mitch Levy 01:35:36
Kenan Sofoglu 01:48:01
Matteo Giusti 02:08:04
Michel van der Mark 02:30:28
Tom Sykes 02:43:27
Toni Elias 03:00:15

Jim Race and Dave Neal chat about the mysteries and excitement from Sepang 2 and have a lengthy chat with James Whitham about the opening WSBK round. We also had the wonderful Phil Hall down at the Island. He got so many interviews we couldn't put them all in one show! Listen in and enjoy the brief tease of racing before it's back to a month of waiting…

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Episode 395:


Julian Ryder 00:46:14

Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal bring you up to date with the latest news from every corner of the paddock. An extensive testing catchup is accompanied by a huge list of pre-season injuries. Jim even manages to have a chat with BT Sport's commentator Julian Ryder!

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Episode 394: Island Interviews


Christina Divigard 00:01:35
Dave Johnson 00:20:30
Dave Roper 00:39:50
John McGuinness 00:57:33
Kerry Smith 01:29:27
Kurt Lentz 01:45:34
Levi Day 02:03:59
Mike Edwards 02:20:19
Ottis Lance and Deano Swims 02:37:12
Rex Wolfenden 03:13:55
Scott Clough 03:31:41
Trevor Birrell 03:46:44
Simon Crafar 04:09:25

Harry Lloyd brings you a show so full of interviews there wasn't enough space for another host! We get the final shipment of interviews from Phil Hall and Dave Neal remembers to hit record with Simon Crafar!

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Episode 393: Classic Kick Off


Steve Martin 00:30:32
Alex Phillis 00:54:09
Dave Crussel 01:17:17
Gary Johnson 01:41:28
Ryan Farquhar 01:59:26
Wade Boyd 02:15:12
Steve Parrish 02:37:56
Steve Plater 03:17:14

Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal bring you up to date with the latest liveries and a splash of other news. Phil Hall brings a wonderful assortment of interviews from Phillip Island as racing starts to shake off the winter cobwebs. Steve Parrish and Plater share some stories from the old days too.

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Episode 392: Melange


Brad Baker 00:30:59
Kenny Noyes 00:57:03
Wayne Gardiner 01:18:16
Erik Buell 02:13:58

Harry Lloyd and Jim Race team up, with a suitably Live chat with Mark Gardiner of All in all, a terrific show with some amazing guests. Enjoy!

Superprestigio Video:

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Episode 391: New Year New News


00:44:32 Alex Lowes
01:16:34 Kevin Schwantz

Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal bring MotoPod into the new year. There's news from every corner of every paddock in the world after a hectic week in news. Along with a catch up there's two Suzuki rider's to be interviewed and some hints to what's to come!

Super Prestigio - youtube

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Episode 390: Three Marques


Sam Lowes + 0:32:12
Mark Bracks 01:01:12
Steve Day + 01:45:29
Mark Gardiner + 02:53:51
Bubba Shobert +03:45:39
Mark Miller + 04:13:15

Dave Neal and Jim Race are apparently in their own race to bring you listeners a bunch of cool stuff. If they were smart, they'd back off, but the checkered flag hasn't flown yet, and still more is on for the holiday season. Oh and Harry Lloyd gets unexpectedly called in to add to the holiday cheer. Enjoy.

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Episode 389: Four Corners


00:41:49 Carl Fogarty
01:30:22 James Whitham
01:56:42 Stuart Easton
02:27:56 Alex Briggs

Dave Neal, Harry Lloyd and a retreating Jim Race bring you a bit of news from around the paddock, but mostly to showcase some brilliant interviews the lads got. Shock. Surprise. Yet another show when MotoPod tends to hide in early December. Enjoy!

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Episode 388: Happy Endings


00:15:39 Colin Edwards
00:25:57 Neil Hodgson
01:36:20 Mark Woodage

Harry Lloyd and Jim Race didn't really plan on doing a show, but some interviews came up and well, time is as time does. Something to tide you over until the next. Feel free to write in, or donate via the links at !

Mark Miller | Macau 2013 :

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Episode 387: And So It Ends


00:39:08 Marc Marquez
01:02:55 Jeremy Toye

Jim Race and Harry Lloyd describe the end of the storm, simply bookmarking a season to remember. A great press scrum with the new champion Marquez and a cool deep call with Jeremy Toye, toyeling away at the Macau GP.

Briggs on Burgess:

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