Episode 160: 2008 Season Review Part 1: The Lorenzo Show


* Latest MotoGP News: No Kawasaki in 2009 and is Suzuki Gonna Play?
* Review of the First Three Races of 2008. Qatar, Jerez, and Estoril.

Time for the 2008 Season Review! Jules and Bob do a great call covering the first three races in the 2008 season, aka The Lorenzo Show. There's also some chit-chat about the latest news and what's going on in the world of MotoGP. Before that, we cover a little bit of the latest and greatest news in MotoGP, lots of stuff going on. Entertaining show, so download it and take a listen!

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Episode 158: Honda Bails on AMA, Rossi Duel in the Desert, Other Stuff!!


* Contest Winners Announced!
* Call with Darren Carpenter About News

Some interesting news this week in MotoGP, World Supers and AMA. Darren and Bob talk about the latest happenings and the future of MotoGP and all kinds of other stuff! Even some track day info!

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Buy the 2009 MotoGPMatters Racing Calendar at
An Hour With Carmelo Ezpeleta by Dennis Noyes at
Honda Pulls Out of AMA at
Bayliss Accepts Rossi Challenge for the "Duel In The Desert" at

Episode 156: Don't You Hate Re-Runs?


* Race Commentary Pepsi Challenges from Laguna Seca 2007 & 2008
* Calendar Contest! w00t!

- Real life is intruding this week and plans for a call fell apart at the last minute. So, in order to have something besides aimless drunken solo rambling, we now present a rerun of two very popular segments, the Pepsi Challenges of Race Commentary from the 2007 and 2008 US Grand Prix at Laguna Seca! Plus some odds and ends of news and a way cool contest to win one of five great 2009 MotoGPMatter Racing Calendars! Details at the end of the show. Ha! You have to listen to the whole thing.

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But the 2009 MotoGPMatters Racing Calendar at

Episode 155: Laverty and MotoLiam


* Jim Race interviews Eugene Laverty
* Jules Cisek interviews Lian Shubert

Jules Cisek hosts episode 155 featuring an interview Jim Race did with Eugene Laverty followed by the long awaited return of Liam Shubert to the podcast. Tune in, this is definitely one.

NOTE: this show was originally posted on the 28th but due to human error (read: Jules f'ed up) the feed wasn't updated. Sorry about the delay folks!

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Episode 153: World Superbikes Season Finale at Portimao


* Semi-Technical Stuff About MotoGP Electronics and Wrist Injuries
* Bob and Jules Chat About World Supers at Portimao
* Fast Ass Laps at Thunder Hill
* Odds and Ends

This show is a little bit all over the map, but good stuff to listen to! We start off with a really big shout out for Fergus Caldicott, then we do some reader e-mail about fast laps at Thunder Hill, Casey Stoner's scaphoid injury, and what is going on with MotoGP electronics. After that, we move on to a cool chat with Bob and Jules going on about World Superbikes at Portimao and all sorts of other stuff. Also, some details on how you can help injured motorcycle racer Aaron Clark.

Links this episode:
Help Aaron Clark website at
Adam Silver ripping around Thunder Hill in HD-ish video at
Brief article on Motogp electronics on at
EE Times articles on MotoGP electronics discussing the electronics on the Suzuki, Kawisaki and Yamaha MotoGP bikes at
Two other articles about the Kawasaki's electronics at
and at

Episode 152: Valencia Review and MotoGP Season Wrapup Sorta


* On the Two Seater with Randy * Liam in Sepang
* There was a race in Valencia! * MotoGP 2008 is in the books
* World Supers at Portimao

A lot of varied stuff this week. We start off with some great material recorded at Sepang by Peter Vincent, aka Dirt Bloke. After that, Jules and Bob talk about the fairly boring Valencia race, the MotoGP 2008 Season, testing at Valencia and a little bit about World Superbikes last round of the season at the new Portimao circuit in Portugal. Good call, lots of fun, download it and take a listen!

Links this episode:
Peter's Wild Malaysian Holiday at
Superbike Planet about Hayden's Last Moments in Garage 16 at

Episode 151: Sepang Roundup and Valencia Preview


* Let's Talk About The Malaysian Grand Prix
* Miscellaneous Other Rambling
* Valencia Preview

- Jules and Bob chat about the Malaysian Grand Prix plus some other odds and ends. Bit of a weird one, but fun! Download it and take a listen!

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Episode 150: Sepang Preview


* Talking About Sepang for the Malaysian Grand Prix
* Talking About Some Other Stuff
* Boston Globe Pictorial

- Jules and Bob chat about the Malaysian Grand Prix and how the end is nigh for the 2008 MotoGP Season. Sadness, but we have 2009 to look forward to! The show is good, little bit shorter this week. Download it and take a listen!

- Links This Episode:
Boston Globe article at
Ride On Two topic "My Trip to Philip Island" by ilRazzo at

Episode 149: Bob's Big Date


* Phillip Island MotoGP wrapup
* Magny Cours WSBK wrapup
* Another discussion of the tire rules

Jules Cisek hosts with Darren Carpenter as guest. We discuss the MotoGP race at Phillip Island, the WSBK round at Magny Cours, and then we talk about tires some more with yet another perspective (Darren is a racer).

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Puig sucks:

Episode 143: Misano Preview and... TIRES!


* tired of tire talk? apparently we're not (:
* misano preview

Jules Cisek and Jim Race chat about tires, Rossi and Stoner (and tires), and do a preview of Misano (with the occasional tire comment).

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GP Stats Visualization (requires Flash):
MotoGP 2009 Silly Season Overview:
RideOnTwo silly season thread:

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