Episode 270: A little bit of this, a little bit of that..


* Mark Miller
* Ed Haazer
* James Whitham

Jim Race and Jules Cisek dash through the Assen WSBK results scattered amongst talks with Mark Miller (currently at the Isle of Man for TT promotion), Ed Haazer, a "regular guy" AFM club racer as well as a quick bit from Eurosport 2's James Whitham. A chaotic show, just as we like them. The first round of BSB at Brands Hatch is coming up this weekend as well as Estoril MotoGP.. Enjoy!

Oh ya, and we announce the GoPro winner ;)

* Bol d'Or 2011:
* TT3D Trailer:
* James and Foggy tour website:
* Leon Camier on Biaggi:
* Dennis Noyes - Sympathy for the Devil
part i :
part ii :
part iii :


Episode 269: We're not going pro - but you might be...


* Interview: Dennis Noyes
* Interview: Ben Spies
* Interview: Mark Neale

Jules Cisek and Jim Race fill in bits in between some great interviews this week. We've got Dennis Noyes followed by Ben Spies followed by Mark Neale. Plus if that wasn't already kick ass enough, we're giving away a GoPro HD camera! Yep. But you have to listen to the show to find out how you can win one.

Links this week:
* GoPro:
* Dennis Noyes on twitter:
* Ben Spies:
* Mark Neale's Charge:
* Rossi & Hayden on GP12: and
* Rossi + Stoner + Marshalls fan video:


Episode 268: Quatro caras falam Jerez


* Jerez!

There was a trifecta of very entertaining races in Jerez last weekend and Martin Darlington, Jim Race, and Jules Cisek can't shut up about it. In addition we are joined this week by MotoPod's newest member, Gonçalo Silva, who was at Jerez in the flesh and brings to you his take on what he saw and smelled.

Links this week:
* Toby Moody's autosport column on Jerez:
* MotoPod on Facebook:


Episode 267: Back to Leicestershire


* Interview with Roberto (Roby) Rolfo
* Interview with Lucio Pedercini
* Interview with James Whitham

Jules Cisek and Jim Race cover the WSBK Donington round. Jules leaves spittle on his screen. Jim takes a sleep aid. Also interviews with WSBK Team Pedercini's #44: Roby Rolfo, the team boss, Lucio Pedercini, and a fantastic chat with James Whitham.

* Foggy and Whit on tour:
* Roby Rolfo:
* Team Pedercini:


Episode 266: Out of the Darkness....


* Review of Qatar MotoGP Races
* Interview with photographer Scott Jones
* Preview of Donington WSBK races

We here at MotoPod are stil digesting the Qatar weekend, and all that the results may entail for the season ahead. Join Jim Race and Martin Darlington in a detailed and at times delusional jaunt through our personal interpretations of just what happened over the last week in the Desert. On top of that, Scott Jones of Motomatters gives us his "boots on the ground" perspective as only a photographer can. What's next? You tell us...

* (PIN #1477)


Episode 265: It's a Go


* Tantalizing talk with Dennis Noyes
* Review of the final MotoGP test from Qatar

Jim Race and Martin Darlington collectively lose their minds, but not before a bit of sanity in a talk Jim had with the ever eloquent Dennis Noyes. The time for talking is done. Now, it's all about performance. The MotoGP season is well and truly upon us now, and to be honest we couldn't be more happy. Bring it.

. Follow Dennis Noyes on Twitter @DennisNoyes so he can pull safely away from @KennyNoyes in follower numbers :)
. Calendar contest email: (or just, hehe)
. MotoPod on Facebook @


Episode 264: I Remember When...


* Chat with Mark Bracks about his Phillip Island WSBK weekend.
* Interview with Ed Sorbo, jack of all trades.

Jules Cisek and Jim Race answer some listener email, riff on (butcher?) the "Ducati Pullout" article from Cycle News and sport two most excellent talks, first with Bracksy on the PI season opener and then a rockin' jaunt with Ed Sorbo who's been all around the US roadracing scene, both literally and figuratively.

Finally the email for the final Motomatters Calendar contest is: :)

Links this episode:
. EDventure Racing:
. Lindemann Engineering:
. Cycle News "Story behind the story: The Pullout":
. Moscow Raceway:
. MotoPod on Facebook @


Episode 263: It's ON!


* WSBK and WSS racing Philip Island

Jules Cisek and Jim Race discuss the excellent jump start to the world championship road racing season with World Superbikes and World Supersport (wow) at Philip Island. It's just us, no guest this week, but you might still enjoy the show :) - pin 1477

Episode 262: A Dingo ate my Baby


* Interview with Heiti Kender (explanation within)
* Interview with Mark Bracks "live" from PI WSBK testing

Simultaneous testing in both WSBK and MotoGP delivers the most "yard-sale" of MotoPod shows ever. You'll cringe with delight, mock us from afar and eventually realize you've booked passage on the crazy boat as well. Welcome to the final show before the WSBK season opener at Phillip Island.

We promise, we'll thaw out.

Mark Bracks' MotoRaceFace:
MCN Fantasy League: (pin 1477)


Episode 261: Legends and Birthdays


Martin Darlington and Jules Cisek celebrate Valentino Rossi's birthday together and catch up a bit more on testing and other news. We also spend probably too much time talking about fantasy leagues and tipping competitions…

Valentino Rossi official website:
MCN Fantasy League:
Rideontwo Tipping:
MotoGP Fantasy Game:


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