Episode 94: Misano Race Report, Catching Up with Liam, and MotoGP Gets QuickTime!


* Qatar 2008 Night Race
* Misano Race Report
* A Chat with Liam Shubert!
* Editorial Complaining About

Kind of an all over the place sort of show today, with a little bit of news, a quick Misano race report, another chat with Liam Shubert and some interesting stuff about the future of the official website along with some complaints about what is currently broked up there.

Links this episode:
Official MotoGP Website at
Kropotkin's 2007 Misano Race Report at
Email Liam at
Apple Profile about Dorna at
MotoGP on YouTube! at

Episode 93: Misano Preview, Reader E-Mail, and a Conversation with Liam


* Reader E-Mail Response to Racing's Social Responsibility
* Miller Motorsports Park for the International Set
* Misano San Marino GP Preview
* A Chat with Liam Shubert!

Another long show today, but I think it's good stuff that you'll enjoy. We talk a little bit about listener response to last week's editorial, Miller Motorsports Park is getting a World Superbike round, MotoGP comes back to Misano, and we hear from Liam Shubert about all kinds of cool stuff. Great show, make sure to listen to all of it!

Links this episode:
Liam Shubert Working in MotoGP at
Nicky Hayden Michelin commercial at
Miller Motorsports Park at
Roadracing World article about World Superbike and AMA at Miller at
World Superbike Official Website at
Misano Circuit Website at

Episode 92: Brno wrapup with Jules and Bob waxes philosophic


* NY Times article about Nicky Hayden
* Brno wrapup and general MotoGP chat with Jules Cisek
* Does MotoGP have a social responsibility?

A couple of editorial sort of pieces today, talking about a really cool article that showed up in the New York Times and whether or not racing has a responsibility to develop new technologies, plus a Brno wrapup and general chat with Jules Cisek. Good stuff, I think you'll like it!

Links this episode:
Article in the New York Times at

Episode 88: Laguna Seca (!!) Wrapup


* Silly Season
* Lots of stuff Bob recorded at Laguna Seca
* Laguna race report and championship standings
* Awesome sounds of MotoGP

Wow, what a weekend! Bob, Jules and buddy Mike had a FANTASTIC time at Laguna Seca for the Red Bull US Grand Prix, and this show is all about it. We got a lot of cool audio recorded, interviews and motorcycle sounds and all kinds of stuff. We cover the practice sessions, complete with rider interviews, qualifying and the race. Plus a few short comments on the Fox commentary, but not the full on Pepsi Challenge this time.

Links this episode:
Nicky Hayden Fan Banner Auction at
MotoGPod EXTRA! Cool stereo laps! at
Photos (tons of them!) taken by Jules Cisek at Laguna Seca at
Lots more photos at Ride On Two at

Episode 28: Turkish GP Race Wrapup


* News
* Turkish GP Practice Qualifying
* Josh Serne/ Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser
* Turkish GP Race Report

A really big shew today, some cool news items I found and an interview with seven year old racer Josh Serne, who is doing a very cool benefit for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, auctioning off a picture of Josh racing that has been autographed by more than 80 of the top names in motorcycle racing. This is a good thing, you should check it out.

Links this episode:
Team 65/Josh Serne at
The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at
American Roadracer Calendar 2006 at

Episode 27: Turkish GP Preview


* Some News Tidbits
* Turkish GP Preview (hey, I avoided saying "Turkish Delight"...)
* Interview with Mark Sorenson of American Roadracer Calendar
* Another Look at the Championship Standings!

A very exciting episode today, lots of good stuff. Went a little long again, it's a tad over 40 minutes, but that makes up for the last few shows that were a little short. Gotta work on that! In any case, check it out! Along with a race preview and a look at the standings, this episode has MotoGPod's first telephone interview! Woohoo!

Links this episode:
American Roadracer Calendar 2006 at
Paul's photos from Phillip Island at

Episode 25: Australian GP Preview


* Reader e-mail -Why Pedrosa to HRC?
* Rossi to World Superbike?
* Phillip Island Preview and Setup Report

Today, for the Silver Anniversary episode, we talk a little bit about why Honda moved Pedrosa to the Repsol Team and possibly caused the loss of Telefonica Movistar sponsorship in MotoGP, plus we have a preview for the Australian Grand Prix at Phillip Island.

No links this episode.

Episode 24: Waiting for Phillip Island


* In the News
* Another Look at the Championship Standings
* Team Orders-Good, Bad or Ugly?

Today, we've got a little news, another quick look at the MotoGP world championship standings in the battle for second place, and a few comments about team orders and whether they're good, bad or just ugly. Listen to it!

Links for this episode:
Team Orders topic at at
Kurtis Roberts news item in at

Episode 23: Qatari GP Race Wrapup


* Qatar qualifying report
* Reader e-mail, Biaggi's hat?
* Qatar race wrapup

Today we have a qualifying report and a race report for the Grand Prix of Qatar, along with a couple of other items. A little bit shorter than some of the episodes have been lately, about 19 minutes, but definitely good stuff without being too wordy! Give it a listen and hear for yourself!

Links for this episode:
Sete's Cursed Season Stats at
Analysis of Sete's Situation at

Episode 22: GP of Qatar Preview


* Reader e-mail
* Qatar 2004
* Who's on Second? A look at the standings before Qatar...
* Qatar Preview/Free Practice 1& 2 Results

Another longish episode, but there was lots of good stuff to talk about. Bob ended up having four beers and wouldn't shut up. Give it a listen and hear for yourself!

No links this episode.

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