Episode 438: British Claim Australia


Racing is back as the World Superbike season kicks off Down Under. Much of the hype before the race may have been about the return of an Australian legend, but it was three British riders that dominated both races. There were impressive debuts for the reigning World Supersport champ as well as the Moto2 refugees in both classes. The WSS race had a run away victory, but the fight for third was physical while others struggled with tyre issues.


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Episode 437: The Return of A King, Briefly


Wayne Gardner 01:10:39
Michael Laverty 01:22:47
Taylor Mackenzie 01:28:58

Len Padilla and Dave Neal handle some of the most surprising news the WSBK grid has had in a long long time as a former champion dusts off his leathers. It was a big week for Ducati in both paddocks as the GP15 finally shows its revised face. We also go over WSBK, WSS, Moto2 and Moto3 Testing. Not long now until we're back racing. Be sure to listen right to the end…


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Episode 436: A Bit of British Bother


Matthew Roberts 00:29:53
Dave Crussell 00:43:50
David Hirsch 01:00:29
Graeme Crosby 01:07:31
Jim Scaysbrook 01:25:02
Levi Day 01:45:53
Rob Mesa 02:03:39

Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal cover the show over two days, first as usual over Skype and then briefly in person at the London bike show. It was a grand day out for MotoPod and we've got some excellent interviews to go alongside the final batch from the PI Classic. There were one or two changes to the WSS grid ahead of season opener in Australia in just a few weeks time, and we've had a late change of venue for the British Grand Prix later in the year.

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Episode 435: Turn The Sound Back On


Connor Cummins 00:43:50
Jon Munns 00:58:24
Peggy Hyde 01:10:10
Scout Fletcher 01:23:33
Wade Boyd and Christine Bluck 01:35:45

Len Padilla and Dave Neal are joined by a slightly late Harry Lloyd to talk about Sepang 1 as prototype motorcycles start to go around in circles again, some faster than ever! Dave has done his homework and has a solid comparison of 2014 vs 2015 times to look at for testing. All the factory bikes are looking quicker, but has Honda neglected the Open bike again? Now we just have to wait for Sepang 2...

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Episode 434: Hints of Racing


Ed Haazer 00:26:24
Glen Richards 00:43:57
Jimi Mac 00:46:10
Michael Howarth 01:06:06

Len Padilla joins Harry Lloyd to talk about the first, and last, dry WSBK test before they head to Australia for the opening round. Phil Hall was busy down at the Phillip Island Classic gathering his usual array of interviews. We have the first couple on the show this week and expect more in the coming weeks. Dave Neal is also back on the interview train. Closer and closer to racing coming back.

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Episode 433: Future Dreaming


Dave Neal is back for his first show with Harry Lloyd in the New Year. The news is starting to trickle out more and more and there's even been some motorbikes going around in circles! Sadly not a lot of circles as rain and the bitter cold kept many WSBK riders pit bound. Not happy with this season, we also look ahead at some plans that are bubbling up for 2016 and beyond.

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Episode 432: Breaking Bans


Harry Lloyd brings MotoPod into 2015 with a splash of news from all around the motorcycling world. Things are slowly starting to ramp up ahead of testing and one or two manufacturers are maybe a little too keen with their testing plans… We also look back at some emails that sadly got lost under all the Christmas wrapping paper.

Episode 431: Dirt, Tax and Triumph


Oliver Brindley 01:27:35
Lee Jackson 02:07:10

Dave Neal and Harry Lloyd are back for the last episode of 2014! It was an action packed couple of weeks with the Superprestigio and some of the worst kept secrets in BSB. Neil Morrison was on the ground for the end of year dirt track event in Barcelona and joins us to talk in depth about the event. The second edition of the Ring of Fire book club is here and there's some more homework for the new year.

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Episode 430: The World in Three Races


Neil Hodgson 00:41:14
Jordan Weaving 01:23:44

Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal are back after a festive week off to talk WSBK testing. They ponder the decision to keep Honda as the lone engine supplier in Moto2 and look at the BSB news that trickled out from the recent bike show. Harry's fashion flash briefly returns, much to the horror of Dave. There's also a MotoPod announcement to help keep everyone warm over the winter.

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Episode 429: Chinese Transponder


Bradon Cretu 01:10:05
James Whitham 01:30:34
Jeremy Toye 01:39:48

2015 is underway as MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 get their first tests of the new season underway. MotoGP was fully timed and had some solid video content, sadly Moto2 and Moto3 weren't required to carry transponders so it's a bit of guess work there. Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal also chat Macau as racing truly comes to a close for the year. Jim Race has two interviews from Macau as well an anecdote about everyone's favourite AMA legend, Mat Mladin.

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