Episode 262: A Dingo ate my Baby


* Interview with Heiti Kender (explanation within)
* Interview with Mark Bracks "live" from PI WSBK testing

Simultaneous testing in both WSBK and MotoGP delivers the most "yard-sale" of MotoPod shows ever. You'll cringe with delight, mock us from afar and eventually realize you've booked passage on the crazy boat as well. Welcome to the final show before the WSBK season opener at Phillip Island.

We promise, we'll thaw out.

Mark Bracks' MotoRaceFace: http://www.motoraceface.com
RO2: http://www.rideontwo.com
MCN Fantasy League: http://mcn.fantasyleague.com/ (pin 1477)

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Episode 261: Legends and Birthdays


Martin Darlington and Jules Cisek celebrate Valentino Rossi's birthday together and catch up a bit more on testing and other news. We also spend probably too much time talking about fantasy leagues and tipping competitions…

Valentino Rossi official website: http://www.valentinorossi.com
MCN Fantasy League: http://mcn.fantasyleague.com/
Rideontwo Tipping: http://www.rideontwo.com/tipping/explained
MotoGP Fantasy Game: http://www.motogp.com/en/Fan+Zone/Fantasy+MotoGP

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Episode 260: Pre-Season Preamble


* Interview with Mark Bracks
* Motomatters.com Calendar Contest

Jules Cisek and Jim Race recap all the testing we've had across both MotoGP and WSBK, split by a great chat with Mark Bracks.
A simple yet well-packaged show, devoid of fluff. If you act now, with no delay you may have a badass calendar in your future. :)

Calendar Contest email address: contest-2011calendar@motopodcast.com
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Episode 259: Simon Says


* Interview with 2011 Dakar finisher Simon Pavey
* Ramblings about the pre-season testing

Jules Cisek and Jim Race chat about the pre-season testing in progress now in Sepang. Extremely cool interview with Simon Pavey who has just completed his sixth Dakar in truly audacious style! Various other ramblings - something about the racing season only a few weeks away?

Links this episode:
* Simon Pavey: http://www.simonpavey.com/
* Follow us on twitter:
… MotoPod: http://twitter.com/moto_pod
… Jim: http://twitter.com/caferace
… Jules: http://twitter.com/popmonk3y
… Martin: http://twitter.com/motogpodmartin
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Episode 258: Can you hear it? We can.


* Interview with Chip Yates: Part II
* Interview with Kenny Noyes (BQR Blusens Moto2)
* Interview with Mark Woodage (Parkalgar / Bodangka Honda WSS)

Dive into geek-land with Part two of a talk with Chip Yates and engineering details not to be missed. Kenny Noyes has
just joined a new team in Moto2 and fills us in on all the details. Lastly, Mark Woodage fills us in on the two teams he
is lined up with in World Supersport as well as some IOMTT talk. A jam-packed show. Are you ready for racing yet?

Links this episode:

* Kenny Noyes Fan Page on Facebook: http://moto.gp/Z87a
* PTR and Parkalgar Honda: http://www.performancetechnicalracing.com/
* Chip Yates & the Swigz.com Racing Team: http://www.ChipYates.com

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Episode 257: This is going to be the Best. Season. Ever.


* In-Depth Interview with Chip Yates, builder and racer of the 194hp Swigs.com Electric Superbike
* First Fan Roundtable ever with listeners Jamie McVeigh, Adam Mercado and Scott Bolton, plus Jules Cisek and Mark Miller

Just when you thought you were rid of us, MotoPod roars back with the first show of 2011! We've got a fascinating interview with Electric Racebike builder Chip Yates. We follow that up with MotoPod's first (and certainly not last) experiment with interaction with you. A killer way to start our sixth year of shows, and we're ready to get on it, every week. Listen in, and welcome to another awesome year of the best in Roadracing!

Links this episode:
Full Race | Swigz.com Electric Superbike: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkx1hMNiIRM
Chip Yates Raceteam: http://www.ChipYates.com
Chip's Electric Bike FAQ: http://www.chipyates.com/electric_faq

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Episode 256: The Lots-a-Mumbling Pre-Holiday Show


* MotoGP/WSBK news
* 4 way with Martin, Jules, Jim, and Mark

Jules Cisek and Martin Darlington ramble on and on, bashing people left and right (sorry Charlie) but we're saved when Jim Race and Mark Miller crash the party. Totally off the cuff show. Hopefully enjoyable, but no apologies :)

Paris Hilton and the SuperMartXe : http://community.parishilton.com/entry/6a0120a76ec06f970b0148c6db8002970c

Episode 255: BOMBSHELL: 0xFF !


* Ben Spies Interview (Factory Yamaha MotoGP Rider)
* Damo Cudlin Interview (Marc VDS Test Rider)

Jim Race and Martin Darlington roll out a new show for December. A knockout interview with Factory Yamaha MotoGP rider Ben Spies and a quick but news-filled interview with Damo Cudlin who ran the Marc VDS Suter-chassied Moto1 bike and joins us with his thoughts. No Winter doldrums yet, still too much going on. Join us!

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Episode 254: No Really... We didn't forget.


* Interview with Mark Miller: Macau 2010 review and Hijinx Report
* Interview with Paul Kelly of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Jim Race and Martin Darlington (happy 45th, Martin!) run through two weeks of news, offer weak explanations and roll into two great interviews with Mark Miller post-Macau and Paul Kelly, Communications Manager from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Enjoy! 

Macau GP 2010 on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc8EQkQodNc (in Chinese)

Episode 253: Into the Abyss, Sort of


* Valencia round review
* Valencia test
* Mark Miller interview

Jim Race and Martin Darlington wrap up the final round from Valencia. Fantastic racing as well as the confusion that is the post-season testing drama. Mark Miller joins us once again to fill us in on his upcoming journey to race the Macau GP plus the familiar rabbit hole of bench racing and more Jim and Mark seem to enjoy falling into. A great listen!

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