Episode 28: Turkish GP Race Wrapup


* News
* Turkish GP Practice Qualifying
* Josh Serne/Team65.net Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser
* Turkish GP Race Report

A really big shew today, some cool news items I found and an interview with seven year old racer Josh Serne, who is doing a very cool benefit for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, auctioning off a picture of Josh racing that has been autographed by more than 80 of the top names in motorcycle racing. This is a good thing, you should check it out.

Links this episode:
Team 65/Josh Serne at http://www.team65.net
The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at http://www.cff.org
American Roadracer Calendar 2006 at http://americanroadracer.com

Episode 27: Turkish GP Preview


* Some News Tidbits
* Turkish GP Preview (hey, I avoided saying "Turkish Delight"...)
* Interview with Mark Sorenson of American Roadracer Calendar
* Another Look at the Championship Standings!

A very exciting episode today, lots of good stuff. Went a little long again, it's a tad over 40 minutes, but that makes up for the last few shows that were a little short. Gotta work on that! In any case, check it out! Along with a race preview and a look at the standings, this episode has MotoGPod's first telephone interview! Woohoo!

Links this episode:
American Roadracer Calendar 2006 at http://americanroadracer.com
Paul's photos from Phillip Island at http://my.opera.com/daws/albums/show.dml?id=8205

Episode 25: Australian GP Preview


* Reader e-mail -Why Pedrosa to HRC?
* Rossi to World Superbike?
* Phillip Island Preview and Setup Report

Today, for the Silver Anniversary episode, we talk a little bit about why Honda moved Pedrosa to the Repsol Team and possibly caused the loss of Telefonica Movistar sponsorship in MotoGP, plus we have a preview for the Australian Grand Prix at Phillip Island.

No links this episode.

Episode 24: Waiting for Phillip Island


* In the News
* Another Look at the Championship Standings
* Team Orders-Good, Bad or Ugly?

Today, we've got a little news, another quick look at the MotoGP world championship standings in the battle for second place, and a few comments about team orders and whether they're good, bad or just ugly. Listen to it!

Links for this episode:
Team Orders topic at RideOnTwo.com at http://www.rideontwo.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=224
Kurtis Roberts news item in RoadRacingWorld.com at http://www.roadracingworld.com/news/article/?article=24189

Episode 23: Qatari GP Race Wrapup


* Qatar qualifying report
* Reader e-mail, Biaggi's hat?
* Qatar race wrapup

Today we have a qualifying report and a race report for the Grand Prix of Qatar, along with a couple of other items. A little bit shorter than some of the episodes have been lately, about 19 minutes, but definitely good stuff without being too wordy! Give it a listen and hear for yourself!

Links for this episode:
Sete's Cursed Season Stats at http://www.rideontwo.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=225
Analysis of Sete's Situation at http://www.rideontwo.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=218

Episode 22: GP of Qatar Preview


* Reader e-mail
* Qatar 2004
* Who's on Second? A look at the standings before Qatar...
* Qatar Preview/Free Practice 1& 2 Results

Another longish episode, but there was lots of good stuff to talk about. Bob ended up having four beers and wouldn't shut up. Give it a listen and hear for yourself!

No links this episode.

Episode 21: Malaysian GP Race Report


* Sepang Qualifying report
* Sepang Race report

Another great race this weekend, this time at Sepang. This episode has a qualifying report and a race report. Download the podcast and check it out!

No links this episode.

Episode 20: Malaysian GP Preview


* Haskovec Benefit Auction
* More thoughts on Motegi's challenges
* Italian articles about Rossi at Motegi
* Eyewitness Motegi Race Report
* Malaysian GP Preview

A really big show today for the 20th episode, 45 minutes long! I think that's the longest show yet. Lots of good stuff, so download the podcast and check it out!

Links for this episode:
RideOnTwo.com coverage of Yamaha Technical Presentation at http://www.rideontwo.com/news/motegi-day-1-yamaha-tehnical-presentation
Red Bull U.S. GP Banner Auction for Vincent Haskovec at http://www.laguna-seca.com/Auction/
Get Well Vincent! page at Team M4 EMGO Suzuki at http://www.teamhammer.com/vincent/
Turn 10 at Motegi photo at http://www.motopodcast.com/photos/2005_Motegi-UY/2005_Motegi-UY.html

Episode 19: Japanese GP Race Report


* Shane Byrne will ride for Honda at Sepang Doha!
* Motegi Qualifying report
* Motegi Race report
* Listener e-mail

Interesting race at Motegi this past weekend. This episode has a qualifying report and a race report for the Japanese Grand Prix. Listen to the podcast and check it out!

No links this episode.

Episode 18: Japanese GP Preview


* Reader e-mail - Does MotoGP stifle development?
* Amsterdam
* Motegi preview

I'm back from the IBC tradeshow in Amsterdam, just in time for a Motegi preview. Download the podcast and check it out!

Links this episode:
MotoGP Schedule - Local Time Conversion at http://stevejones.cc/motogp/
Interesting cars and motorcycle at the IBC tradeshow at http://www.motopodcast.com/photos/2005_IBC/2005_IBC.html

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