Episode 7: EXTRA!


* More audio recorded at the US GP
* National Anthem foul-up revealed! This is a special "extra" episode of the MotoGPod podcast, to try to finish up the coverage of the US GP at Laguna Seca.

Episode 6: Waiting for Donington


* Two US GPs?
* Laguna Seca 2006 Dates
* MotoGP Rule Changes
* Haskovec Update
* US GP Shirts Hats Still Available
* Ride To Work Day is July 20

Still haven't had a chance to really sort out the stuff I recorded at Laguna Seca, there's not really that much of it but I just can't find the time. I'm working on it. Laguna Seca photos are up on the MotoGPod web page. Special thanks to our anonymous donor, the guys at FormulaPod and Voxan and Bad Andy at PodClag. More about that next show...

Episode 5: Red Bull US GP Review


* Laguna Seca -- some comments on the track and facilities.
* Rossi Busted!! An interview with a witness!
* US GP Qualifying commentary
* US GP Race comments

Lots more to go thru and sort out, so look for another MotoGPod podcast about the Red Bull US Grand Prix soon!

Episode 4: Preview for the Red Bull US GP-Laguna Seca


* Laguna Seca sells out for the Red Bull US Grand Prix!
* History of the US Grand Prix
* Try out All Things Ducati
* Michelin's challenge at Laguna Seca
* Some blathering on and on

There's yet another naming convention for the podcast itself, but this is the last one, I promise! Trying to get stuff to show up the way I want it to in both iTunes and on iPods, and iTunes has a habit of renaming things. Grrr. I'm thinking of going back to iPodder.

Episode 3: The Episode Without a Title


* Nick Harris continued
* MotoGP website & TV intro
* Track knowledge advantage at Laguna Seca
* Marco Melandri and Kramer --separated at birth?

A slightly different naming format because iTunes 4.9 messed things up by naming the files in the iTunes window according to the link title in the blog page instead of the name of the MP3 (eyeroll).

Episode 2: Dutch TT (Assen) Summary


* Happy Birthday, Max Biaggi! Max has a typically Max-ish 34th birthday weekend at Assen.
* Red Bull signs one race sponsorship with Suzuki MotoGP team for US GP at Laguna Seca.
* Read it on the internet: Commentators can be "painful"
* Dutch TT race summary
* Last year for 6 km Assen circuit

Episode 1: Dutch TT (Assen) Preview


Dutch TT Preview & Free Practice results, plus some Nicky Hayden comments.

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