Episode 134: Donington Wrapup with Jules and Half Assen Preview


* Listener Events
* Assen News
* Listener E-mail
* Call with Jules About Donington
* Shout out to The Hornrims!

I have to admit, the Assen jokes never get old. What can I say? I'm juvenile and immature. So, all two of you that actually read the show notes, I hope you have the same childish sense of humor. In any case, we've got a big show today with some news, some event notices, a listener e-mail, a long call with Jules about Donington, all wrapped up with a plug for MotoGPod listener Joe Popp's band The Hornrims! Check it out, I think you'll like the show.

Links this episode:
Wales Air Ambulance Helimed Rideout at
2nd Annual Red Flag Fund Charity Auction, August 23rd, 2008 at Blackhawk Farms Raceway in South Beloit, IL at Or send e-mail to
Midwest Cafe Racing Association at
The Hornrims at Go Joe Popp!

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