Episode 359: We'll do it live!


0:15:43 Nicky Hayden
0:27:07 Cal Crutchlow
0:30:20 Colin Edwards
0:36:43 Karel Abraham
0:37:40 Alex DeAngelis
0:40:35 Nicky Hayden #2

Jules Cisek and Jim Race do it live! -ish… Recorded on site at COTA in Austin, Texas and featuring Nicky Hayden, Cal Crutchlow, Colin Edwards, Karel Abraham, Alex de Angelis.

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Episode 343: A Grand Obsession


00:38:21 Sandro Cortese
00:39:30 Anthony West
00:46:44 Gino Rea
00:51:44 Jack Miller
01:12:00 Randy de Puniet
01:14:28 Aleix Espargaró
01:16:36 Karel Abrahám
01:30:20 Mick Doohan
01:35:14 Mark Bracks

Martin Darlington and Jim Race get together to discuss the humble pageantry that defines the Phillip Island GP races. Together with Gonçalo Silva in the paddock, through a deep series of interviews and discussions along with listener emails we strive to make sense of what was truly an amazing weekend, in many ways. Listen in!

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