Episode 459: Red Rover


Chaz Davies 00:06:12
Davide Giugliano 00:12:39
Leon Camier 00:17:00
James Whitham 00:24:19

A weekend full of Superbike action saw two riders, and bikes, take their first doubles of the year. Join Harry Lloyd for a summary of the racing in Laguna Seca and Brands Hatch where a Welshman and an Australian dominated the day in both series. The first bits of silly season are starting to trickle out, but with all the factory seats tied down there's not much happening. Two excellent race weekends were unfortunately tarnished by the unfortunate deaths of two Spanish riders in MotoAmerica.


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Episode 458: Wunderbar Märc!


A very Spanish MotoPod as Len Padilla and Harry Lloyd meet up in a hotel lobby to talk about motorcycle racing, as you do! BSB continues to produce interesting rules all in the name of 'the show'. Do rules that make for more exciting ever go to far or is it all ok if the on track action is elbow bashing excitement? Of course there's also the Sachsenring to talk about where Marquez returned to form. They may not have been three exciting races, but the second half of the season is looking close.


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Episode 457: Hardly A Surprise


Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal are back together, at least for a little bit, to talk about the racing in BSB as well as some MotoGP news that should surprise no one. One more MotoGP race before the summer break and the unstoppable open of silly season.



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Episode 456: Ajobatics and alliteration abound at Assen


It all comes full circle. Ten years on and MotoPod celebrates ten years on podcasting with the same race it all started with; Assen. What a weekend it was, three highly dramatic races and yet again the final chicane brought up even more drama. Whole families have been torn apart by Rossi v Marquez and that's why it takes Martin Darlington and the long awaited Jules Cisek over two hours to talk about it all. Settle in and celebrate turning ten in the best way possible; talking about top class motorcycle racing.

Where it all began: http://www.motopodcast.com/episode/episode-1-dutch-tt-assen-preview

Ajo saves it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_bIaupAeSE


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Episode 455: Oh to be Green


Cameron Beaubier 00:16:20
Jake Gagne 00:34:57
JD Beach 00:38:01
Sheridan Morais 00:52:23
Roger Hayden 01:09:06

Harry Lloyd and Len Padilla come together to make MotoPod probably the most Spanish it has ever been, ever if one of them wasn't in Spain. It a Superbike packed episode with WSBK in Misano and BSB at Snetterton to talk about. In both series the Kawasaki seems to be the bike to have in both series, unless it's bursting into flames! There's also the second half of Scott Bolton's interviews from MotoAmerica and these are certainly some names to watch in the future.


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Episode 454: Marc's Dog Days


Colin Edwards 00:55:28
Brandon Cretu 00:59:50
THE Mark Miller 01:25:44
Josh Hayes 02:09:28

A double delirious dose of Jim Race and Martin Darlington as the two battle too much, and too lithe, sleep. They solider on to bring you a recap of the TT and MotoGP in Barcelona. Jim also brings the first of his post-TT catch ups with the MotoPod regulardsWe also have the first of Scott Bolton's interviews from MotoAmerica, he got so many we couldn't fit them all in one show!



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Episode 453: First Name Basis


James Whitham 01:05:12
Michael Lock 01:08:53
Stevie Bonsey 01:36:58
Brad Baker 01:40:24

Martin Darlington and Dave Neal come together for the first time in an age to talk about another WSBK weekend that was distinctly green once again. Portimao continues to be one of the most exciting tracks out there with multiple blind corners, but unfortunately once again the stands looked vacant. Once again Martin continues on as the MotoPod fact checker as he makes his own alterations to a Mat Oxley article from last week. It's not only motorbikes on the show this week as we dive into sub cultures within Spain.

Stoner in Italy: http://www.gpone.com/en/2015060917146/Stoner-tifo-Lorenzo-e-sono-felice-...

2014 Superprestigio Slow-Motion in Hi-Res:

SuperPrestigio Of the Americas | Las Vegas announcement:


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Episode 452: I Am Iannone


Dave Neal returns from the wilds to host MotoPod once more and kicks it off with a whole song and dance! He's joined by Harry Lloyd to talk news and MotoGP, and there's a lot of it. Team and riders are starting to swap around as the sea on passes and the third mark. Some riders are making swaps after just two days of practice, such is the wild world of road racing. Mugello is a magical and maybe some of that magic rubbed off on a very lucky Italian rider. Harry also has a very special announcement to make at the end.







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Episode 451: What Dreams Are Made Of


Matt Sienkewicz 00:32:37

World Superbike took a trip England to race in front of a host of home fans at Donnington. It was as British an affair as anyone would expect in WSBK as of late with green yet again being the colour of the day. Jim Race and Martin Darlington chat Mugello as well as WSBK. It may have been a triumphant performance on track from the Brits at home, but the home fans didn't quite come out to match the action on track. Martin manages to prove he's maybe the best number cruncher of the MotoPod hosts with some incredible stats about the current riders.


Buy/Rent The Ragged Edge Now: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/theraggededge/125209568


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Episode 450: Honda Struggles


Bradon Cretu 01:01:59

Jim Race is joined by Harry Lloyd to talk about the weekend that was at Le Mans. Lorenzo once again proved that when he's good he's really good whilst Marquez attempted to hide the Honda's problems. It was a good weekend overall for the Italians, setting the stage perfectly for a battle at Mugello. We also bring you news including how we could be saying bye bye Brno as early as this year.



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