Episode 454: Marc's Dog Days


Colin Edwards 00:55:28
Brandon Cretu 00:59:50
THE Mark Miller 01:25:44
Josh Hayes 02:09:28

A double delirious dose of Jim Race and Martin Darlington as the two battle too much, and too lithe, sleep. They solider on to bring you a recap of the TT and MotoGP in Barcelona. Jim also brings the first of his post-TT catch ups with the MotoPod regulardsWe also have the first of Scott Bolton's interviews from MotoAmerica, he got so many we couldn't fit them all in one show!



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Episode 453: First Name Basis


James Whitham 01:05:12
Michael Lock 01:08:53
Stevie Bonsey 01:36:58
Brad Baker 01:40:24

Martin Darlington and Dave Neal come together for the first time in an age to talk about another WSBK weekend that was distinctly green once again. Portimao continues to be one of the most exciting tracks out there with multiple blind corners, but unfortunately once again the stands looked vacant. Once again Martin continues on as the MotoPod fact checker as he makes his own alterations to a Mat Oxley article from last week. It's not only motorbikes on the show this week as we dive into sub cultures within Spain.

Stoner in Italy: http://www.gpone.com/en/2015060917146/Stoner-tifo-Lorenzo-e-sono-felice-...

2014 Superprestigio Slow-Motion in Hi-Res:

SuperPrestigio Of the Americas | Las Vegas announcement:


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Episode 452: I Am Iannone


Dave Neal returns from the wilds to host MotoPod once more and kicks it off with a whole song and dance! He's joined by Harry Lloyd to talk news and MotoGP, and there's a lot of it. Team and riders are starting to swap around as the sea on passes and the third mark. Some riders are making swaps after just two days of practice, such is the wild world of road racing. Mugello is a magical and maybe some of that magic rubbed off on a very lucky Italian rider. Harry also has a very special announcement to make at the end.







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Episode 451: What Dreams Are Made Of


Matt Sienkewicz 00:32:37

World Superbike took a trip England to race in front of a host of home fans at Donnington. It was as British an affair as anyone would expect in WSBK as of late with green yet again being the colour of the day. Jim Race and Martin Darlington chat Mugello as well as WSBK. It may have been a triumphant performance on track from the Brits at home, but the home fans didn't quite come out to match the action on track. Martin manages to prove he's maybe the best number cruncher of the MotoPod hosts with some incredible stats about the current riders.


Buy/Rent The Ragged Edge Now: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/theraggededge/125209568


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Episode 450: Honda Struggles


Bradon Cretu 01:01:59

Jim Race is joined by Harry Lloyd to talk about the weekend that was at Le Mans. Lorenzo once again proved that when he's good he's really good whilst Marquez attempted to hide the Honda's problems. It was a good weekend overall for the Italians, setting the stage perfectly for a battle at Mugello. We also bring you news including how we could be saying bye bye Brno as early as this year.



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Episode 449: Johnny Be Good


Martin Darlington and Harry Lloyd chat Imola and the decisive WSBK races we saw there this weekend. A race one restart gave us an exciting six lap dash at the end and race two proved that tweaks between outings can turn struggles to domination. Johnny Rea has already placed one hand on the WSBK crown, can he cement it further? Love him or hate him, Kenan Sofuoglu put in a brave ride with serious difficulties at home.



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Episode 448: Stayed Dry This Time


Jim Race makes his triumphant return to MotoPod alongside Martin Darlington as the two have a good old catch up before getting down to the business at hand. It was an interesting weekend at Jerez for all three classes, Turn 13 was once again the seen of a couple of 'ambitious' moves in the lower classes. Lorenzo found his mojo and was back on top of his game, claiming Jerez as his once again. It wasn't all happy smiles after record breaking victories tho, as Juanfran Guevara found out after Karel Hanika got a little carried away.


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Episode 447: Dutch Connection


Lucio Cecchinello 00:45:03
Bobby Fong 01:24:57
Taylor Knapp 01:30:41
Joshua Day 01:41:05
Jake Gagne 01:51:20
Jake Lewis 02:03:42
James Whitham 02:12:15

Len Padilla saves Harry Lloyd from himself as the two catch up on the biggest weekend of racing in 2015 so far. It's a Superbike focused episode as they talk World and British, both championships starting to look very green. Despite this it was a local rider that impressed the most at Assen, but where do his loyalties rest in the long term? We also look ahead to Jerez as the title battle has a spanner thrown in the works with a training injury.


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Episode 446: Put It All On 46


Josh Herrin 01:04:19
Joe Roberts 01:18:45
Garrett Gerloff 01:29:45
Wayne Rainey 01:42:27

A dramatic weekend in Argentina saw some big championship moments across all three classes. The racing style of Moto3 is undergoing a dramatic shift whilst a World Champion struggles in Moto2. MotoGP saw highs and lows a plenty for Suzuki, Marquez and Rossi. A mixed start to the year sees Marquez way down the order, but he's confident he can fight back. Could his confidence be his undoing in 2015? And just how is it that an old goat is able to beat a Spartan fitter than ever, join Harry Lloyd and find out!

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Episode 445: Young Dog, New Tricks


Martin Darlington and Harry Lloyd team up to chat about Round 2 of MotoGP at Austin. It was a bit of a wild affair with track conditions, track personal and a track pet all playing havoc with the schedule over the weekend. Despite that it led to three interesting races and a lot to talk about. Aragon was also home to Round 3 of the WSBK championship that saw the British continue to dominate, all in all it was a very British weekend in the sun and not so sunny Austin. Racing is fully underway for the year!


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