Episode 471: Dani Pedrobot is dead; long live Dani Pedracer


Harry Lloyd and Martin Darlington talk about the excitement from Motegi. A two hour delay on Sunday morning let everyone waking up early have an extra two hours in bed but luckily the racing was just as good. A reduced Moto3 and Moto2 race saw a champion produce one of his best rides and a champion elect play it safe. As the rounds tick down the fight between Rossi and Lorenzo is getting tighter and tighter but is Lorenzo letting it slip away? Alex De Angelis suffered a nasty crash but fortunately looks as though he'll pull through. It's the biggest weekend of the year coming up for bike racing so get ready for a long hard day on the couch.

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Episode 470: Winning Winners


Once again it's Martin Darlington and Harry Lloyd chatting about WSBK and BSB. Both championships have followed a surprisingly similar course over the year with one rider emerging as a clear title favorite. Once again solid racing in both with drama until the cool down lap in the case of BSB. The end of the year is, unfortunately, getting very close but luckily there's still four action packed MotoGP rounds to look forward to. Also Nicky Hayden will move to Honda in WSBK next year, but of course this came after the show was recorded.

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Episode 469: That's Why He Has A Honda


Len Padilla and Martin Darlington pair up to talk about a thrilling Aragon GP. Great racing across all classes saw titles delayed till the next round, Championship leads left the same and the return of an Alien in MotoGP. With just a handful of races left silly season has stepped up a notch and more and more bums are finding seats. It's been a tough year for Marc Marquez and just ahead of this week's show it got a whole lot tougher for the double world Champ. In classic MotoPod style, the Rabat news was confirmed as the show was being edited.

http://ontrackoffroad.com/2015/09/29/motogp-matt-roberts-blog-from-115/ Matt Roberts on Lorenzo

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Episode 468: Lacking Tyres and Deserved Champions


It's Harry Lloyd and Martin Darlington once again as they cover a super superbike episode with news and races from the WSBK paddock in Jerez to the first of the BSB Showdown rounds in the very British town of Assen. Silly season is starting to heat up in WSBK and in classic MotoPod style, Yamaha announced that they would be joining forces with Crescent running Lowes and Guintoli in 2016 after the show was finished recording! Tyre problems across the board in Jerez resulted in mixed race results while Assen and BSB did their best MotoGP weather impression. Please no more cheese jokes...

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Episode 467: Fortune Favours The Brave


Martin Darlington and Harry Lloyd wax lyrically about the San Marino GP where we saw the unthinkable, rain in Misano! It was certainly a dramatic race and could prove to be a championship decider. While most of the focus was on the MotoGP race there was of course action in all classes; Moto2 saw an impressive rookie take his brain out on two occasions. In Moto3 a young boy finally became a man and celebrated with a haircut worthy of his heroes. Moto2 silly season has also kicked off as mid-season-musical-chairs gets underway.

Also, Elias joined Forward just after we finished recording: http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2015/09/16/elias-joins-forward-yamaha-for-...

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Episode 466: To The Gladiators


Carmine Moscaritolo 00:56:50

Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal chat BSB, Hitting the Apex and of course, the Showdown system. It wasn't the most exciting week for news, but things are slowly bubbling along. With thens end of 2015 in sight, the BSB showdown has been decided and the triple-header set up nicely for the following rounds in what looks to be a hard-fought battle for first, and seventh. With fans around the world finally getting their hands on Hitting the Apex, Dave and Harry take the chance to give their views on the latest MotoGP movie.


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Episode 465: Lactose Intolerant


Danny Eslick 01:35:49
Jared Mees 01:43:05
Bryan Smith 01:45:29
Daniel Castillo 01:51:46

Martin Darlington and Harry Lloyd talk about an exciting weekend of racing from the British GP. There was action and drama in all three classes thanks to Mother Nature. A Moto3 race where almost no one even wanted to stay on the bike, but luckily the diehard British fans had something to cheer about. Moto2 saw wet tryes getting thrashed around on a drying track and MotoGP saw falls and fogged visors end the days for many. Once again Martin has gotten the excel sheet open and has some interesting insights for us.


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Episode 464: Ground Control, This is Brookes


PJ Jacobsen 00:37:50

Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal join up ahead of the British GP to talk about the most recent signings and rumors as Silly Season continues to putter along. The show has a very British flavour what with BSB, SIlverstone and a plethora of British riders announcing their 2016 plans. Luckily Jim Race helps keep the balance as he chats with WSS winner PJ Jacobsen. Be sure to check out 'Hitting The Apex' in cinemas and on DVD/BluRay when it hits screens early September.

Trunkman Article, Part 2 of 3: http://trunkman.co.uk/blog/doctored-motogps-obsession-with-valentino-ros...

Danny Kent Fan Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8mra2Ywb4A

Scott Jones does Cadwell: http://photo.gp/2015/08/25/the-mountain-at-cadwell-park/


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Episode 463: What the Fenati


Cameron Beaubier 01:57:47
Garrett Gerloff 02:03:57
Jake Gange 02:11:36
Josh Hayes 02:15:14

Martin Darlington and Dave Neal come together for a bit of a big one. The action at Brno might not have been as close as everyone was hoping, but the second half of the championship looks set to be a barn stormer. We also bring you the second half of Scott Bolton's MotoAmerica interviews and Phil Hall, Jules Cisek and Jim Race attend a 'gathering' and had a catch up and get a bit too excited about some Kawasakis.


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Episode 462: US of Marc


Giulio Nava 00:21:50
Pol Espargaro 00:33:40
JD Beach 00:44:07

Harry Lloyd and Martin Darlington sort of come together to talk about the IndyGP. There were three exciting races, including perhaps the oddest Moto3 race there has ever been. We had Scott Bolton on the ground who got the chance to not only chat with some riders, but also have a unique experience. He and Jim Race talking about the MotoAmerica race as well as Scott's weekend, four hosts for the price of one! The first of Scott's interviews are out this episode with the remainder coming next week.


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